African Jazz Musician - Johannesburg and Nelspruit


Nothing could have prepared record company executive, Chris Ghelakis, for the music demo that landed on his desk in late 2007. A demo CD from a little known young talent from Nelpruit in South Africa’s Mpumalanga province started a journey of musical awe. This is undoubtedly raw talent as never seen before.

Known as Wandile to his friends and family, he made the journey to Johannesburg after receiving a call from Ghelakis. Stunned, and thinking that this talent was too good to be true; Ghelakis needed validation that this young man was in fact the talent on the demo. At CSR Studios after a brief showcasing, Ghelakis, blown away to say the least, not only offered Wandile a recording contract, but also a job working as a producer in his studios.

Afro’traction is the epitome of Afro Soul and Jazz. Afro’traction’s first album SOUL DEEP was produced and composed in 2009 by the talented South African, Wandile Moya, whose tunes have captured the attention of audiences across the globe. Mzwandile Moya, is a composer, songwriter, vocalist, bassist, guitarist, pianist and programmer – all without any formal training whatsoever coming from humble beggings of Nelspruit. Afro’traction offers a classy, smooth jazz performance for the gentlemen and ladies who can appreciate such timeless art.

Despite Wandile’s gospel background, his album is loungy music that exudes style and exhibits chilled moods and classy cool which are influenced from South America and French speaking Africa are evident in this ethnic musical fusion.

Produced and composed by the talented Wandile Moya, Afrotraction is the epitome of African soul and jazz and features the legendary McCoy Mrubata on saxophone and the beautiful Siyavuya Makuzeni on additional vocals.


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