Bok van Blerk

Afrikaans Singer - Pretoria
Bok van Blerk


Born in Johannesburg on March 30, 1978, he studied at school Building and Construction Management before he worked in the construction industry for seven years. But the passion to make music reminded him constantly to her that he wants to do something else and tackled by 2005, Bok construction of a different kind that he began to build his bewonderaarsbasis professional musician. Four albums and a whole slew of awards later, Bok one of the country's most recognizable voices and faces in the entertainment world, especially after he was over the last three years also seen regularly in South African films.

His music speaks of a love for his country and its people with a hint of humor here and there be added. "De la Rey," the first album with the eponymous title track, people sit up and take notice and multi-platinum sales achieved. In 2007, the Springboks won three HuisgenootTempo Awards and five Vonk Awards and the MK Music Video of the Year. In between all this, he also helps with the production of the rugby music album "We For You" sold more than 90,000 copies as World Cup fever dominated the country. It is also working on the follow-up album, "African Heart," which will be released in 2009 and quickly double platinum sales record. In 2010, winning Bok SAMA for Best Selling Album for "African Heart" and he was also named the top-selling South African artist of the year.

After releasing of his third album, "My Cry," barely a year later, he received a golden honorary award at the 2011 Spark African Music Awards. It is also in 2011 that Bok as the main actor in the film Country appeared to Lianie May and Steve Hofmeyr. The film is the largest African film of the year and the DVD sales reached double platinum status. The situation repeated itself in 2013 when Springbok in the movie "If You Sing" appears and is the largest African film of the year. Around the same time the DVD was released early in 2014, Bok reappear on the big screen in "Woman Search Farmer." Springbok will in "Leading Lady," an international film later released in 2014, appeared. And although as is shrouded in secrecy, there is also confirmed that Springbok to another film will start shooting in 2014.

His fourth album, "Light the fires," will be introduced during Braai Day and Erfenisdagverrigtinge in 2013 to a handful of media, fellow artists and loyal fans who could obtain quickly enough tickets. Sales success is largely due to the popularity of the first single, "Land of milk and honey," a typical Bok will of powerful lyrics, a deeper meaning and something that will encourage pride. The CD was the top-selling album in the country for six weeks and "Land of milk and honey" reached the number 1 position on various radio stations charts. The second single is the title track itself and already the number 1 position on various stations, including both Jacaranda FM's charts, the African Top 20 and Top 20 Kia.

Bok loves to keep touring and performances. Two personal highlights for him was the first African Is Great concert in 2012 before a crowd of 28,000 people in Pretoria and the following year's African Is Great concerts in Pretoria and Cape Town for 70,000 people. The DVDs of the concerts also respectively double platinum and platinum reached with the latter becoming the flow-off store shelves. Bok is also a board member of the African Great Is Management Committee and an active member of the Hanna charity and Empowerment Organization. He also participated twice in the Bikers for Mandela Day initiative.

Bok believes the fact that fans do not always realize how much their loyalty and recognition for artists means. That is why he makes it a point to communicate with them and keep hold of what he was doing, whether at concerts or through social media. As evidenced by the more than 120,000 followers on Facebook and more than 68,000 Twitter followers. Besides the fans, Bok also very proud of its association with sponsors like Blaser, Sensation Boats, Samsung, Guvon Hotels, Titleist, The Dental Spa and Kingsley Heath and he makes sure that they are happy with their relationship with him.

Bok also loves working with other artists and has recorded songs with Steve Hofmeyr, Valiant Swart, Robbie Wessels and the MK Mystic. He is a popular personality in the South African media and regularly appears in newspapers, magazines and online, and on radio and TV. On TV, the Springboks even as presenter appeared on programs such as the first season of Toks & Chops, guest presenter of Audio and Goat for Sports which the new season will be produced in 2014 and will be broadcast early in 2015. Bok even his voice thick made on the airwaves and in March 2014 for three days as Anna Visser's co-host on the station's Breakfast Special appeared. Goat's interests and hobbies include, the outdoors, deep-sea fishing, hunting, golf, the forest and burned.

"It's in my blood. I enjoy making music. Enjoy might not be a strong enough word. I love it. Love to see how people relate to my lyrics, how they sing together ... love to hear from my fans how a song has affected their lives or simply lifted their mood. I feel blessed to be able to say I enjoy what I do. "


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