Gang of Instrumentals

Pop, Kwaito, Jazz and Hip Hop - Johannesburg
Gang of Instrumentals


The Gang of Instrumentals had a fantastic 2007, scoring several hits on radio stations across South Africa. Now the band is hard at work with its third album, due out in May. If that isn't enough, the group is also on its way to Nashville, Tennessee, to perform alongside other international bands. Closer to home, the group will perform at the Virgin Mobile Frockstars event this weekend. Watch the video to find out how things are going for "the Gang".

Gang of Instrumentals' sound is a mix of Lady Naturelle’s sweet soulful vocals, Mandla N’s poetic raps and Bongo Riot’s raggae chants. They're all involved in the creative process, and Salute is an eclectic mix of Afro-pop, urban-pop, reggae and hip hop with an attractive pop sheen.

Gang of Instrumentals are blazing up the air waves and music video channels with their hit song “My number One”. But that’s not all. Two Gang of Instrumentals' members also have a hit sitcom City Ses'la on SABC 1.

Because they have to choose a genre, they have chosen popular music. Basically because they found that a majority of songs are of the popular genre. If they didn’t have to choose they would call it good music. It’s a combination of a lot of genres out there. You’ll find Kwaito, you’ll find Jazz, you’ll find Hip Hop, you’ll find Reggae, you’ll find Soul, you’ll find Gospel, you’ll find Mbaqanga and you’ll find Rock. So they don’t really fit into anything because they understand that they all come from different musical backgrounds. Mandla is Hip Hop and Rap, Bongo is Reggae and Rock, Lady Naturelle is Soul and Jazz, and their producer was in a Rock band before. All of them come from different schools of thought.



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