Gareth Gordon Nelson

Singer - Johannesburg
Gareth Gordon Nelson


Gareth's hard work started to get noticed throughout Johannesburg and South Africa , and in 2017 he recorded his debut album "Polarised Vision of Grey" at his own studio as well at Gloryvale Studios with producer Mike Wright, formerly of the band Zebra and Giraffe.

Released in mid-2017, the album is an honest and optimistic account of Gareth's experiences, musings, and journey so far into life.

It's a bold album modern blend of acoustic/electric guitars and catchy melodies. From rock to pop coupled with innovative electronic elements and beautiful, sincere vocals and lyrics create a unique introspective sound, that relate to all generations.

His songs have been play-listed on 10 radios in and around the country.With lead single "Falling at your Feet" being highly rated by industry gurus Sean Brokensha, Catherine Grenfell and Tony Blewitt among many others.

His new song "in The Gray" will be released soon

He has played live twice on Mix93.8fm and Eden Radio, as well being interviewed on Smile 90.3 FM and East Coast Radio.

"I was asked what I love about music, simply put, everything, it is the most powerful art move ??, can take you back in time, can translate into any emotion can speak to your soul, music is my calling, and its a pleasure to listen to play and live it” – Gareth Nelson

Positive blend of percussive guitars, rock-pop vocals, and electronica undertones is the the refreshing sounds ofGareth Nelson is a singer-songwriter from South Africa.

His debut album “Polarised Vision of Grey” is set for release in mid-2017,but his songs "Falling at Your Feet" and "Take it Slow" have already been making waves on radio stations around the country and on YouTube.

At 15, Gareth started writing poetry which then transcended into writing his own music as a way of trying to express himself, and by 16 he knew that music was going to be a prominent part of his life. Growing up in a musical family, inspiration was abundant.

His early work produced by Ludwig Bouwer-One Big Room Studios was acoustic folk operated, honest and heart felt, Gareth entered and won the solo section at the battle of the bands. With a focus on his writing, it took him years before he finally achieved the sound he had been trying to create. It was then though that his confidence took a knock, so music was put in the back burner .

"I just stopped, it was like a break up, we still loved each other, but I just couldn't trust my ability, my want or drive, but my love for music never died or wained and I knew it had chosen me ,the way I had chosen it, its my calling my answer to life. I started writing again, about love, life, war, depression, sex anything and everything, I wanted to tell stories. I love to hear how someone interprets a song I've written and how it makes them feel, that such a powerful feeling .” - Gareth Nelson


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