Joe Nina

Solo and Group Musician - Johannesburg
Joe Nina


Back in ’88 – at age 14 – Joe Nina talked a reluctant father into letting him take a stab at music. Becoming a unique musical trajectory spanning more than 20 years of South African music history is what followed next.

Joe Nina’s been around for a while in ’88 only aged 14 talked about his reluctant father (the old man had his sights on a doctor) into letting him take a stab at a music career and, well, we all know what happened next. It’s been more than 20 years and Joe’s still going strong.

Joe aims to remind you that this is how he approaches his music: unreserved and liberal, playing producer, composer, vocalist and songwriter as he seamlessly flows between adult contemporary, afro-pop, gospel, kwaito, and deep house. His latest album Joe says he’s finally free – “Unchained” from the constraints of sound. Yes, a cursory glance thrown at his rap-sheet will tell you that the “finally” is a misnomer, but still.

Joe Nina, popular musician, respected producer and now turned film star is back with his latest block buster album called “Egogogweni (ola)" At 24 Joe Nina has done it all: he had his own recording company “Killer Joe Production" wrote a soundtrack for the movie “Jump the Gun" and also starred in it. He has composed and produced mega hits albums.

The album “Egogogweni (ola)" offers different blends of music - township groove, hip hop, fusion and reggae. “Egogogweni" is township settlements. This track preaches the concept of living together in harmony. Another track “But Not Our Soul" is a jazz fusion track performed by Joe Nina and Fana Zulu, a renowned bass player. “Asseblief" is a vibey and energetic fun track sung in township slang.


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