Loyiso Bala

R&B and Solo Musician - Johannesburg
Loyiso Bala


"I just call it music but I'm not gonna run away from the fact that it is R&B. My music has changed over the years and that's because I'm growing as a musician, not as an R&B singer."

IN 2006 Loyiso’s track “ALL RISE” hit top 10 on the radio charts in the United States. Winner of the MTN South African Music Awards in multiple categories: BEST R&B ARTIST, BEST MALE R&B ARTIST, BEST NEWCOMER, Winner Metro FM awards in multiple categories:

BEST R&B ALBUM, BEST NEWCOMER, Winner of South African Film and Television award (SAFTA) for the BEST SCORE in a drama series ‘Tsha Tsha’ The youngest conductor of the National Youth Choir in 2000 at the age of 19 Winner of GQ magazines BEST DRESSED MEN OF THE YEAR in 2005 Winner of the award for BEST MAN in the ARTS AND CULTURE category at the Mens Health awards 2005 Cosmopolitan magazine voted Loyiso one of the 50 sexiest men alive in 2006.

Brown Shuga: Do you think you've worked hard to be where you are today?
Loyiso: I've worked very hard but steadily. To me it's always about building a firm foundation, so that should anything happen, at least I'm still able to stand at the end of the day and rebuild. It's been like 8 years for me in the industry and it's all because my thing has always been about building longevity, obviously to be the best in the industry but to make sure that in 8-10 years to come, I'm still active in the industry .

Loyiso Bala


BS: You'll still be singing R&B 10 years from now?
Loyiso: Not necessarily singing R&B, I"m a musician. Obviously people call what I do R&B....

BS: The growth part is definitely true 'cos if I compare this one to the previous one, there is definitely positive growth.
Loyiso: And every time I release an album, I always go "oh, I don't think I can top this one." But all I need is time to grow and as long as I'm alive I'll keep growing. My music will grow 'cos my voice is an instrument but I use my whole body and everything is embodied in it. So the instrument goes with the person and my music is a reflection of who I am.


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