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Malaika is a South African Afro-pop music group, which has been described as post-kwaito, post-mbaqanga and neo-soul, consisting of three young musicians: Bongani Nchanga and the late Jadu Ndaba (both born in Klerksdorp) from the previous band the Stouters and Matshediso Mholo (born in Lichtenburg), a former school teacher. Malaika toured Australia from 6-9 March 2008 with Australian Idol 2007 finalist Tarisai Vushe as support. 

Real Name Jabulani Herald Ndaba (Jabulani), Matshediso Florence Mholo (Tshedi), and Bongani Kevin Nchang (Bongani) . Malaika is a pop group from South Africa made up of Jabulani Herald Ndaba (Jabulani), Matshediso Florence Mholo (Tshedi), and Bongani Kevin Nchang (Bongani). They consider their producer, Guffy Pilane, a fourth member. Their style can be grouped under kwaito, rock or Afro-pop. Their music is a perfect blend of post-kwaito, post-mbaqanga and neo-soul. 

The group was formed out of the ashes of the kwaito outfit Stouters (The Mischiefs) and Godfrey “Guffy” Pilane was instrumental in its formation as well. Bongani Nchanga and Jabu Ndaba were original members of the Stouters, while Tshedi joined them.  Their debut album, Malaika, was multiple platinum, selling over 350,000 copies. They won the Best Newcomer Group statuette in 2004 and then the Best Afro-Pop Group in 2005 Channel O Music Video Awards and the Best Southern African Group at the 2005 Kora awards. 

They also released Vuthelani which was a resounding success.  Their 2007 album, Sekunjalo, was successful too and won them many awards, including the SAMAs.  Their fourth album, Mmatswale, was released in 2009.  Some of their songs include I am an African, Melodi (Hoona Joale), Dichabeng, Gauteng, Hamba, Amacilongo, Mmatswale, Chaba naledi, Sebaka Nyana, Hamba, Ting ting, Indoda Yempandla (Beware Verwoerd), Sajika, Baba wami, Kwa kumnandi, etc


Malaika Bio: 

A well known group is the S.A. Afro-pop trio Malaika consisting of Jabulani Herald Ndaba, Matshediso Florence Mholo and Bongani Kevin Nchang. It was conceived with an inalienable contribution of one of South Africa’s most under-utilised producers of hip-hop Godfrey “Guffy” Pilane. 

Malaika testifies to the power of three: the trio, generally possessing peerless elemental power in the history of pop music, consists of Bongani Nchanga, Jabu Ndaba, both battle-weary and hardened former original band members of the Stouters, and Tshedi Mholo, an innocent, church-going, unspoilt debutante former school teacher in the music world.  

For in the Stouters, with the accent on kwaito, Nchanga and Ndaba were decent boys trying to fit into something they were clearly not. And, accordingly, as fate would have it, they would not succeed. But, in a strange way, the duo was saved by this apparent failure of gold-cast, thunder-and-lightening awe voices of Nchanga and Ndaba. For, doubtlessly licking their pride at seeing lesser talented contemporaries raking the kudos and cash flow, they would go back to their roots to find themselves in the church where singing had always been part of their lives. Here the two discovered the astonishing heavenly voice of Mholo. 

Appropriately, because Malaika, an Afro-pop band, that is, a perfect blend of post-kwaito, post-mbaqanga and neo-soul, that is the quintessence of Nu Afro-pop, unashamedly melodic, harmonious, always attempting to be soulful, a good dollop of singing and musicianship, along with one or two of their contemporaries, defines the early sound of 21st century South Africa. It’s a band that has, as Nu Afro-pop took its cue from late 70s to late 80s Afro-pop, moulded English back into the mix of a black pop a la bands of the late 20th century South Africa did.  Unfortunately, Jabu Ndaba has passed away.


Malaika’s History: 

Some industry observers will remember the two boys Jabulani and Bongani, as members of a disbanded kwaito group Stouters, whose claim to fame was with Brenda Fassie's remake of the hit song Umuntu ngumuntu ngabantu. Jabu grew up in the Free State in Bethlehem and later moved to live with his mother, up in the NorthWest Township of Klerksdorp. Although no one from is family a singer by profession, music has always been around him. As a teenage boy back in the slowly paced village of Bethlehem, he was always around when his cousin, a community choir leader rehearsed on keyboards and he secretly climbed on when the rehearsals were over. 

This is how he was basically introduced to the exciting world of music. From there on, in Klerksdorp, he began to play in different kinds of community local groups. He met Bongani in 1995 at a studio owned by one of the local music fundis Turbo, with whom they became partners and formed a team of young, dedicated music producers and promoters and they called themselves VIP. "We saw ourselves as very intelligent producers, he says, explaining how the name came about."We were working there all the times, producing and programming music for community groups," adds Jabu. 

His first professional recording, together with musical partner Bongani was with a five-member group Stouters that went on to represent SA musically in a Madagascar in 2000. The two were the driving force behind the group and the influence of street-wise music is evident in their work. Bongani Nchang was born and bred in Klerksdorp. He was only nine when he first appeared on the small screens after entering a music competition on a variety TV show Dinakana. 

Explaining how he realised, from a very young age and after winning the competition, that he was born to be a star, he says: "I remember quite well how tough the auditions were, but I told myself that I just have to do it. I went there, confident as ever, sang my heart out and I was the only one picked to represent my town". 

Bongani inherited music from his family, though unlike them, they never took it too seriously. As always, his mother insisted that his son had to study engineering, in order to be considered a true professional, Bongani took a chance, studied mechanical engineering - though he wasn't at ease with it as he is now with music - at Klerskdorp college and it wasn't long before he found himself producing music for community groups, singing for local disco bands, organising show and he was part of all these in one way or the other. 

His partner in "crime' Jabu, was always around like a small puppy and they both decided this year (2003) to try it again in a different way, with a brand new name and a whole new image, with an addition of a equally exciting female singer Tshedi. The three met at an AME church in Soweto. Jabu and Bongani are the conductors of a church's choir, and Tshedi is a member. 

Tshedi is also from the NorthWest and as it's always a tradition, she started singing at a church and continued doing so to a schooling level. A BA Education graduate, she is a former member of the University of North West Student Choir. She was involved with the Mmabana Cultural Centre jazz band, through which she got send to represent South Africa at an Arts festival in Greece. She also tried her luck in the Shell Road to Fame competition, but went through, up to the regional finals. 

It appears that Tshedi, who also studied drama at Mmabana, was cut to be in show business. Her first time job ever, after graduating, was with Anchor Comprehensive School in Mzimhlophe, Soweto, where she was teaching arts and culture. She was not just an ordinary teacher, but a role model, as she's was also signing autographs for learners, who couldn't wait to throw away their pens to groove to their favorite party song Sbonga Abazali. As the demand for appearances and gig's was mounting for Malaika, Tshedi couldn't keep up with the hectic schedule. She had to choose between the two most precious things in her life, her career - being a teacher and her talent being an entertainer/ musician.


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