1st Project

Drums, Instrumental, Percussion, Rock, Function Band and Party Band - Johannesburg
1st Project


The all-male cast of 1st Project consists of qualified musicians from the National School of the Arts who all achieved full colours in music for their impressive pieces. It was these adrenaline-fuelled percussion performances that gave rise to 1st Project.

Since 1999 1st Project have performed over 1000 shows in over 10 different countries and have been publicized in over 50 media spots, making them the most experienced and popular drumming act in South Africa.

Having been based in Johannesburg since 1st Project started, the team has now also been established in Cape Town due to the high demand for 1st Project performances, making it more convenient for clients on the coast!

Keeping to the rocking style of 1st Project entertainment, the group involves the best drummers that Cape Town has to offer - each member an expert in his field of percussion.

1st Project - South African pioneer industrial percussion act.

By using only drums to create what can be best described as 'Aggressive Percussion!', 1st Project has truly made their mark on the entertainment industry, and over the past eleven years, have continued to captivate audiences with their unique musical style, passion and vigour...

By using only drums to create what can simply be described as ‘Aggressive Percussion!’.

1st Project has truly made their mark on the entertainment industry.

1st Project


1st Project is an industrial percussion act with a unique South African element and a pulse of pure primal energy! Combining elements of Rock, Traditional African rhythms, House and Latin. 1st Project has created a completely original style of music that is guaranteed to touch and entertain audiences of all ages, no matter what their tastes.

South African band 1st Project thinks India is perfect for its aggressive percussion show whic must have added to their tabla to their heavy-duty drumming.

A recent performance in India, Mumbai left many feeling as they were an amazing audience. The kind of energy, passion and the respect you have for the artistes is amazing. You are completely invested in the performance. All this encourages us to give a power-packed performance.

Origin and inspiration: All the members of 1st Project are matriculants of The National School of the Arts where they all received full colours in music for a show that they choreographed. That was where they met. They originally started it as a project to earn some extra marks at music school, it slowly grew into something that South Africa had never seen.

Before they knew it they started being used for anything from clubs and festivals to corporate functions. Then they started trying odd "instruments" such as brooms, dustbins, bottles, road signs, matchboxes, cane sticks, shoes and many more into the show.


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