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With a whopping five SAMA 2013 nominations and an ever-growing cult following, ChianoSky is undoubtedly one of SA's freshest young talents. The Electro Jazz Pop star has made a substantial mark on the charts since the release of her debut album "Hungry" in July 2012, and continues to wow audiences nationwide, while intriguing the local media with her sultry sound and daring persona. Her signature sound - an intoxicating mix of seductive jazzy pop - is original and unique, and at the same time very radio friendly.

Her acclaimed debut release by EMI was a year in the making, and has seen ChianoSky collaborate with some of the top producers in the industry; including the famous UK based Pete "Boxsta" Martin. The album spawned three massive radio hits so far - 'Sick Sick', 'Walking Away' and 'Home Sweet Home' - plus a number of nominations, awards and other accolades.

Citing her influences as Nina Simone, Etta James, Marvin Gaye, Curtis Mayfield, Adele and especially Amy Winehouse, it is the honesty and fearlessness in ChianoSky's music which makes this gorgeous pop star impossible to ignore.

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ChianoSky was born in Mbombela, Mpumalanga, in 1993. She is an only child to her mom and has a step-brother from her dad.

When ChianoSky started learning to sing, she fell in love with her dream even more. She always performed at Eisteddfods and plays, wanting to be involved in several parts. Later on, she said, "I knew that leaving school to pursue a music career was a very risky thing to do, but I was adamant it was what I needed to do. I definitely tried to place myself in the right place at the right time." Furthermore, she left high school and enrolled at the National School of The Arts, where she studied everything about music. Lady Luck smiled on her when she met big music shot, Paul Almeida, at a restaurant. She played him some of her tracks, which he liked, and then he presented them to EMI. That is how her journey into the limelight began.

The singer-songwriter, who burst into the music scene in 2012 with her hit debut album “Hungry,” is not slowing down despite the limitations at hand. She is staying strong - mind, body, and soul - and committing to her craft like never before.

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