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Musician - Johannesburg
Dan Patlansky Musician


About Dan Patlansky

What Dan Patlansky can do with a six-string Fender Stratocaster at the age of 30, most critically acclaimed guitarists will never quite achieve in a lifetime? In achieving a legend-status as a Blues-musician at the age of 30 is almost unheard of. Enter Dan Patlansky – an artist who shares the muse that touched Hendrix, Zeppelin and Stevie Ray Vaughan.

There are no airs and graces here – just sincerity and an incredible musical talent of a a conglomerate of charisma Dan Patlansky. He has a charm and musical genius that all of this comes wrapped up in an unassuming, startlingly attractive package that bespeaks his Judeo-Spanish heritage. Without much knowledge of realising the extent of his extremely tactile appeal – both on stage and in person. Humility suits him well and is as much an extension of his being as his Fender.

In under a little over a decade on the music scene, he has become one of the busiest and most respected blues artists to ever come out of South Africa. We can best describe his music as vacillating between slick, soulful blues and the renegade psychedelic angst and raw emotion of Hendrix or Zeppelin – fire encased in ice...if you will.

Conjuring up images of seasoned older players that have been touched with a rare gift, and talent has been salted through the onslaught of years in the music business. The word “legend” is loaded with meaning – especially when one thinks of Blues-legends.

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