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His album “AMAZING”, is a Complete Album of South African and Afro Jazz Songs. It is a Labour of Love. Dedicated to the sound of African Jazz Fusion. He’s Jazz roots run strong through every song. In Collaboration with El Etto, he managed to pull off a sound that is a Little Different from the rest of his work.

He has been a professional musician for the last 35 years extensively playing and touring abroad in countries like Australia, Dubai and the Comoro Islands.

Richard has recorded and performed with local legend Vicky Sampson as well as collaborating with icon songwriter Chris Schilder, brother of pianist Tony Schilder.

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Richard Ceasar studied classical guitar at U.C.T and is a well-known guitarist, singer songwriter and keyboard player and as a result a highly sort after musician. His main influences are Pat Martino, Pat Metheny,and George Benson.

He has released 14 albums to date. He is a total all-rounder when it comes to his musical ability. This ranges from Jazz, Fusion, Latin and Pop to mention a few.

On the circuit he performed regularly with trumpeter Ian Smith and Andrew Ford, virtual jazz reality. He recorded a song called ',at the g-spot', written by Tony Schilder, for the compilation album, 'g-spot grooves', which did well on dance floors.

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