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About Ricus Nel

Original hits such as 'Sak en pak', 'Spyt kom te laat', 'Windgat, my honne' and 'Still in love with her', as well as Ricus' renditions of 'I recall a gypsy woman', 'Some broken hearts never mend', 'You're my best friend' and 'Lay down beside me' made headlines on radio charts nationwide.

One of the greatest highlights of his career so far has been working with the world-famous Air Supply - the Australian duo who rose to fame in the 80's with hits such as 'All Out of Love', 'Every Woman in the World', 'Lost in Love' and 'Making Love (Out of Nothing At All)'- in 2014 at the Grand West Arena in Cape Town during their world tour.

Ricus Nel is an Afrikaans musician, singer and songwriter. His debut album, Sak en Pak, was released in 2011 by Select-Musiek. He is famous for the ability to have mastered 13 instruments. His second album "Sout van die Aarde" was released in June 2013 at inniBOS. Nel is married to Afrikaans singer Liza Brönner. The couple married in 2013.

Ricus, before entering the music industry full-time, worked at a platinum mine, a tobacco cooperative and a music store, music was what pulsed most strongly through his veins. He started playing his first instrument, drums, at the age of 4 - something that would eventually become one of thirteen instruments he mastered.

He later joined his father's farm band where he was able to further refine his instrumental as well as his vocal ingenuity during his primary and high school career. He remembers with a smile these "Nice old Jan" times as some of the best in his life.

After matriculating in 1998, Ricus, like many other musicians, performed in bars until he finally formally got his foot in the door of the music industry in 2003 as a member of Dozi's band at Hartebeespoortdam.

After this, he lent his talents to a whole host of big-name performances, DVD productions and TV series, which Theuns Jordaan and Juanita du Plessis' duet Includes a DVD, Bok van Blerk's orchestra, KKNK, Skouspel, Innibos, 'That's how it is with Steve' and 'Jukebox' with Kurt Darren. He also performed in London during the old UKation festival and also charmed audiences in Australia, Canada and the USA with his talent.

Ricus Nel Albums

  • Sak en Pak (2011)
  • Sout van die Aarde (2013)
  • Sing Don Williams en ander Country legenes (2014)
  • Ouskool boerseun (2016)
  • Sinkplaat Sessies (Lewendige Opname) (2017)
  • Bring Hulde aan Worsie Visser (2017)
  • Pure Plaas (2019)
  • Ploeg Jy? (2021)

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